May 142015

sleep_belt2Baby wearing is really “on-trend” these days. Some of our favorite baby-wearing celeb mama’s include Jessica Alba, Giesele Bundchen, Jennifer Garner, and my personal favorite, Gwen Stefani.

But baby wearing is oh-so-much-more than using your kiddo as the latest and greatest fashion accessory (yes, note the sarcasm). The benefits are proven and well documented for both mama and baby. Even dad’s can get in on this special and convenient bonding time!

FOR BABY – When a parent wears their baby it encourages physical development. Your little one can feel and hear your breathing helping them to normalize their own breathing patterns. Experiencing your bending, walking, reaching helps them to develop their motor skills such as balance! Typically, a worn baby is a happier baby. Think of your sling as a makeshift womb. The closer baby is to you and your sounds and movements, the more secure they feel. If you’re breast-feeding, that constant skin-to-skin contact in the early days sets the stage for success. All baby mammals have an innate ability to find mother’s breast if it’s close by. Baby wearing encourages that primal instinct to latch and feed!

FOR MAMA – You want to lose that baby weight more quickly? Wearing your babe is like strapping weights to your torso. A casual walk upstairs becomes a workout! Keeping your kiddo close to you will help you better understand his/her verbal and non-verbal cues, thus establishing a great base for communication and understanding your baby’s wants and needs. Baby wearing is OBVIOUSLY an amazing way for all family members to bond with the little one. The little munchkin is figuratively and literally “close to your heart”. Finally, it’s CONVENIENT! Breast-feeding? No problem – your babe is already right there. Need to pick up around the house? Wearing your babe = hands-free access. Want to head out to a fair or festival without packing a bulky stroller? WEAR YOUR BABY! Are you the mama of more than one child? Wear one, while you tend to the other!

Here at Bee we’ve just started carrying SleepBelt, and we’re pretty pumped about it! It’s designed and manufactured by our friends to the North, and you can check their website out here:

What makes it different than, say, a Moby Wrap, is its convenience. The SleepBelt comes in different sizes, and has a strong Velcro closure. So instead of taking 5 minutes to mummify yourself, you just Velcro your baby right in! Admittedly – a SleepBelt is better suited for sitting-down activities because there are no shoulder supports, but they’re perfect for baby-wearing around the home.

So who is the SleepBelt perfect for? Mommies of multiples (twins or sibling kiddos), need some hands-free cuddle time, etc etc etc. OH WAIT – the SleepBelt is beneficial for all mothers! AWESOME!

Check out the company’s USES & BENEFITS page for a full rundown:

PS – Have we mentioned that Bee Maternal is the ONLY retailer in NYS to carry the SleepBelt? I know, I know – the exclusivity of it all is almost too much to bear. We kid, we kid!

Seriously though, stop by today to check out (and try on) our newest MUST-HAVE, and do yourself a favor wear your baby until they’re old enough to tell you they’re sick and tired of you breathing down their neck!


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