Dec 102015

sleep_belt_dad sleep_belt

Did you know?

Skin to Skin contact with your baby has a multitude of amazing benefits!

It can…

It can help you ward of Postpartum Depression

Help Stabalize Your Baby’s Vitals

Help To Enhance Bonding During The “Golden Hour”

AND According to our resident breastfeeding expert, Deanna G. from the Peaceful Baby, women whose baby breastfed in the first hour after birth, had their milk ‘come in’ sooner and had 130% more milk at 3 weeks than woman who’s baby breastfed for the first time at 2-6 hours postpartum.

To all my C-Section Ladies, if everyone is stable, ask for time with your baby! They may be willing to hook you up with a little time with your newbie! This is a good one for you to hand to your OB. LOL

Let’s not leave the patriarch out of the equation… Here is a list of benefits for Him to get in on it too!

So, in closing, bring those babies closer. Snuggle them, hug them and go against grandma’s advice and “spoil” them. It is good for the whole family!


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