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How supporting local business can benefit you!

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You drive past them all of the time… they don’t have the parking you like…It is too much effort to go in and take a look around not knowing if they have what you are looking for… You fear it will be too expensive.
These are the many things I hear when people come in to visit me at bee maternal. What is awesome is that if you have taken the time to stop in, I now have the opportunity to show you what I can do for you! Unlike some of those big box stores, or online depots that lure you in with the promise of free shipping and bargain basement prices, small boutiques get to offer you so much more… a real live personal experience with someone that specializes in the genre of the shop. Ahhhh, how nice! Someone with knowledge and experience is going to assist you in finding the perfect… whatever you are looking for!
Did you know that bee maternal is the ONLY maternity boutique in WNY? Did you know that it is the only boutique owned by a birth professional? Did you know that I am a former midwife assistant and doula? I have so much more to offer than just clothing! I actually care about your experience… Care about it for MORE than 9 months. bee.maternal was created with the woman in mind.
It is a mom-centric boutique with clothing for women, that just so happen to fit your bump and allow you access to breastfeed (should you choose to do so). I hand pick each and every item in the shop for quality, fit and fashion.
We also carry our private label, small batch, clean skin care products for mom and baby by bee.maternal {ORGANICS}
The bee is home to the WNY Doulas which offer Better Birth Connection classes, Childbirth Education classes and Breastfeeding classes.
We do a weekly LIVE FB feed with all of the information one could ever desire regarding pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum moms. (Thursday Nights 8ish…)
We also have a book filled with names and resources for you NINE MONTHS & BEYOND. We are a ONE STOP SHOP! <3 Bottom line… I love what I do… and YOU really need to come in and benefit from the experience I have created just for you! The next time you are thinking, “Hey, I should stop in and try that place” any one of the many boutiques in our area, please know how much we appreciate you even stopping by to browse and chat! Talk to your friends about us. Ask us questions. Find out what we can offer you! I guarantee we will make a boutique/small business shopper out of you. Check out Ethan Allen (Amherst, NY) Blum’s Pumpkins Fine Children’s Clothing Leelee, Deena Anthony Photography, Sweet Jenny’s – Buffalo – NY, Clayton’s Toyland, Wild at Heart featuring Jewelry by Karen, Second Chic Williamsville, Pfohl’s Furniture Den, Inc., Elle Pea Tee, Antoinette’s and many, MANY MORE! -With Love and Gratitude Lou Ann Cane bee.maternal {L U X E M A T E R N I T Y}

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I asked Bee’s resident Breastfeeding Expert, Deanna from The Peaceful Baby about some ways breast milk protects our newborns, and this is what she had to say!

Early Benefits…

  • One of the most impressive benefits of early breastfeeding is the immunity baby gets from mom’s colostrum during the first TWO weeks. These immunities are still detectible in the baby’s blood 3-4 months later!

Illness and Your Newborn….

  • If MOM gets sick her body creates passive immunity to baby within TWO hours of feeling ill.
  • If DAD gets sick …. Mom will produce antibodies for the baby, against his illness, within 48 hours.

This is JUST the tip of the iceberg!

We at bee maternal support your goals!
If YOU have a specific question, check us out on FB and send us a message… it is that easy! Or Check out our CLASSES page for more information.
Thank you to our photographed mamas for normalizing breastfeeding!

bee YOU!

bee maternal.

{Luxe Maternity} 9 months and beyond


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Did you know that proper hydration helps to deliver the vital nutrients your baby needs to grow?

There are many MORE reasons to drink including warding off UTIs, Hemorrhoids, Swelling and Constipation. Also some women can experience Braxton Hicks contractions due to a lack of fluids.

Does the thought of drinking 12 boring glasses a day make you want to float away?

GOOD NEWS some of our H2O consumption also comes from food, so try some fruit or clear broth soup, maybe a cucumber or some melon. You can also add some flavor to your water. Ginger, lemon, berries, cucumber make great additions or whatever fruits or veggies you and your baby are craving!

So ladies, grab yourself a fancy water vat of choice (Mine was a giant, plastic, ugly, slushie style mug, with the picture of a diver on it. LOL) and GET TO HYDRATING!