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Bee Maternal Apothecary: Mama & Baby Product(s) Review

What is more luxe than small-batch, organic, handcrafted skincare products? In my opinion, NOTHING! I like to imagine that my lotions, scrubs, and soaps are being hand-churned with only the best ingredients by a hippy woman with flowers in her hair (this is just a daydream, I’m sure she doesn’t have flowers in her hair… all the time!!). It makes me feel special when I’m lathering and slathering.

So when I was asked to do some product reviews for Bee Maternal’s line of AMAZING mama and baby skincare products I practically sped home to jump in the bath with my little one.

Products 1 and 2 (can be used separately but shine as a duo)

Elle Pea Tee Organic Shea Butter Soap for mama and baby
The initial consistency of this soap reminds me a little bit of old school Noxema. It’s definitely a solid, but once you start to rub it in your hands it softens right up. The instructions tell me to use a nickel size amount of the soap and lather it with wet hands. This is a good recommendation if you’re washing yourself as it makes a HUGE amount of lather!! For baby, I think a dime-sized amount should work. The lather is unexpectedly rich, creamy and luxurious, and HOLY COW, the scent rocks my world!! I’m a huge fan of lavender, and the Soap smells like a sweet lavender with hints of vanilla (maybe?? – I’m just guessing here). It’s a delicious smell. It’s a BLISSFUL smell. The lather slides over the skin and washes to a squeaky clean. I especially like this feature for baby because, you know…. babies get spit up in crevices you didn’t even know existed! Bottom line, when I’m giving my kid a bath I WANT her to come out squeaky-clean. I use this soap to clean places on me like my armpits. I love a squeaky clean there too! Haha.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a terrific product for mom and baby! Smells like heaven. Does what it’s supposed to do. It’s organic. I can pronounce and identify all ingredients. It’s preservative free, dye free, paraben free, gluten free, and phalate free.
TAKE NOTE: This is a body soap. It’s not meant to double as a shampoo (as some products on the market do these days). If you get it in your eyes or baby’s eyes, it does sting (YES, I rubbed some in my eyes to test it out).

Elle Pea Tee After Bath Body Butter for mama and baby
BUTTER. YES. This is butter and beyond and is the perfect accouterment to the Shea Butter Soap. It’s thick and power-packed with shea butter (obviously) and essential oils. Due to the nature of shea butter, it’s a solid at room temperature and will just MELT once you start rubbing it in your hands and all over you or baby’s body. It has a lite lemony vanilla smell. It’s very pleasant, and I like that it’s a “barely there” scent so as not to be overpowering for baby. This body butter is ULTRA moisturizing. It will leave a little bit of a greasy feel on the skin for a solid 10 minutes until it soaks in, though it’s not sticky/tacky at all (yay!). I wish I would have had this butter when my baby was first born (she’s two months now, so still very much a newbie) to deal with her dry skin. I resorted to using antibiotic triple cream as recommended by my doctor just because it’s so much thicker than baby lotion, yet still safe and gentle enough for baby’s skin. I would have much rather used this. OH WELL. She still has a bit of dry skin, so I’m using it on her now! I’m also using all over my body paying special attention to my dry elbows and heels.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a terrific body butter. It’s exactly what you would expect a body butter to be, but with no ingredients that would bother baby’s ultra-sensitive skin.

You can buy these separately or as a duo pack at Bee Maternal.

Alpine Made Sleepy Salve with lavender
The ingredients in this salve are simple: EVOO, beeswax, plantain, calendula, vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil (yay!). Salves are multi-use tools most often used as weapons against SUPER dry patches of skin. Though, I’ve been using this salve in a couple of different ways. Again, as with many Bee Maternal apothecary products, this salve is gentle enough to be used on baby’s sensitive skin. Because of the delightful lavender scent, I’ve been rubbing a small amount on my baby’s chest (think Vix Vapor Rub style) in hopes that the scent will help to lull her to sleep, or at least soothe her. I’m a HUGE believer in the power of aromatherapy. Lavender encourages sleep, reduces stress, aids with headaches, reduces general pain, etc. I just started this experiment with my little girl, so I’ll have to report back in a couple of weeks! Personally, I have been using this salve as a nutrient-dense lip balm. The more often I get to smell lavender in my day, the better!

So there we are! I can report that these products have made for a fun and great-smelling bath and pamper time experience.

I’ll close with a little piece of advice. Don’t be afraid to bathe with your baby! Make sure you have clearance from your doctor and your baby’s pediatrician, and that baby’s umbilical chord stump has fallen off and the bellybutton is all healed before you do so. It’s just another way for you and your sweet one to bond and engage in skin-to-skin contact that is so good for both of you! I try to take a bath with my pumpkin once a week and we love it!!

Peace, love and lavender bubbles!!
BEE MATERNAL Correspondent, Corey 
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